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Counting Scales

Why not streamline your operations and save valuable time, effort, and labor costs by investing in a counting scale? At American Scale Supply, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality and cost-effective Counting Scales designed to simplify your tasks. These scales effortlessly convert weight into piece counts, making them ideal for inventory counting and packaging tasks. From accurately counting items as small as 0.01 gram to efficiently tallying batch after batch, our Scales cater to a diverse range of needs with precision and reliability.

Before you invest in a new scale, let’s highlight a couple of key factors to consider. Firstly, pay attention to the different Features available like memory and id # storage. Additionally, these scales can also be used for regular weighing purposes, adding versatility to their functionality.  While many industrial scales may include a counting function, features like memory accumulation and a full numeric keypad can significantly enhance the usability of a counting scale, ensuring it’s the perfect fit for your needs.

    At American Scale Supply, we offer a wide range of weighing scales with varying weight capacities and readability from trusted brands Ohaus, AND Scales, CAS, Detecto, DigiWeigh, and Rice Lake Weighing Systems ensuring you have access to the best options available. 

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